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Adj.1.unmechanized - not mechanized; "production of furniture remained largely unmechanized"- Gordon Russell
nonmechanical - not mechanical
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DAVAO -- Asean economic integration might have dire consequences for Philippine agriculture, which remains largely underdeveloped and "unmechanized" and is, therefore, illequipped to compete in the free market, an undersecretary in the Department of Labor and Employment said here Tuesday.
Many rebellious thinkers of white America, disgruntled by industrialism, commercialism and their ensuing demand for standardization, sensed growing nostalgia for the primitive, forceful and unmechanized lifestyle.
The men told us that in order to adapt with best advantage to the technical conditions in the new seam, they had evolved a form of work organisation based on practices common in the unmechanized days when small groups, who took responsibility for the entire cycle (of operations) had worked autonomously.
One reason the Great Depression of 1929 to 1941 was so great and depressing was that the majority of the workforce consisted of men, while the women were needed just to keep up with the unmechanized typical home of the 1930s: washboards and clothes lines, child care, very few electrical appliances, poor refrigeration, which required daily shopping, and shoveling coal into the furnace.
Kelvin's father built this house because he longed to be in contact with "a living and unmechanized nature" (Salvestroni 296).
Work in the quarry is completely unmechanized. The workers use long, very heavy crowbars to separate blocks of basalt from the quarry walls; then, on the floor of the quarry, they use large hammers to break the blocks into large pieces.
I like gardens [emphasis mine], trees, and unmechanized farmlands" (Letters 288), and he refers in a number of letters to family members to work he has done in his garden.
Many journals marveled at the simple, unmechanized methods that produced such splendid results, and glorified the Indian laborer as embodying "the artisanal, natural, and preindustrial" (116).
Such mines tend to be transient and largely unmechanized. In contrast, although small-scale mining is often transient, it is generally more mechanized, though still not at the level of large industrial operations.