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Not fitting or proper; unseemly.


literary or archaic not meet; unsuitable
unˈmeetly adv
unˈmeetness n



not meet; not fitting or proper.
[before 900]
References in classic literature ?
The story of 'Latzarillo' is gross in its facts, and is mostly "unmeet for ladies," like most of the fiction in all languages before our times; but there is an honest simplicity in the narration, a pervading humor, and a rich feeling for character that gives it value.
In what words shall I describe this dread exploit, by what language shall I make it credible to ages to come, what eulogies are there unmeet for thee, though they be hyperboles piled on hyperboles!
O fatal wedlock, thou didst give me birth, And, having borne me, sowed again my seed, Mingling the blood of fathers, brothers, children, Brides, wives and mothers, an incestuous brood, All horrors that are wrought beneath the sun, Horrors so foul to name them were unmeet. O, I adjure you, hide me anywhere Far from this land, or slay me straight, or cast me Down to the depths of ocean out of sight.
Thus farr to try thee, ADAM, I was pleas'd, And finde thee knowing not of Beasts alone, Which thou hast rightly nam'd, but of thy self, Expressing well the spirit within thee free, My Image, not imparted to the Brute, Whose fellowship therefore unmeet for thee Good reason was thou freely shouldst dislike, And be so minded still; I, ere thou spak'st, Knew it not good for Man to be alone, And no such companie as then thou saw'st Intended thee, for trial onely brought, To see how thou could'st judge of fit and meet: What next I bring shall please thee, be assur'd, Thy likeness, thy fit help, thy other self, Thy wish, exactly to thy hearts desire.
Later, concerning the reprobate Barnardine's execution, he tells the Provost that he is "[a] creature unprepared, unmeet for death.
Mayor Sam Cunningham of Waukegan addressed the audience and offered congratulations to IFN, and encouragement for the Muslim community to consider opening additional free and charitable clinics in the future, to build momentum in addressing the unmeet health care needs in the wider community.
In his address to readers of Tamburlaine, he states, "I have (purposely) omitted and left out some fond and frivolous gestures, digressing (and in my poor opinion) far unmeet for the matter, which I thought, might seem more tedious unto the wise, than any way else to be regarded, though (haply) they have been of some vain conceited fondlings greatly gaped at, what times they were showed upon the stage in their graced deformities: nevertheless, now, to be mixtured in print with such matter of worth, it would prove a great disgrace to so honorable and stately a history." "To the gentlemen readers: and others that take pleasure in reading histories," in Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine, Parts I and II, ed.
There are three elements that make this risk unequal: i) the development strategy and the subsequent interest in maintaining a good investment climate, ii) the debt rescheduling in Paris Club as a last resort, wich can be an incentive to unmeet payment commitments and iii) the need of gaining and maintaining a reputation in international context.
(236) Jeremy Bentham, Cases Unmeet for Punishment, in An INTRODUCTION TO THE Principles of Morals and Legislation 158, 158 (J.
"Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams." I asked him who he was, and he glanced down: "A creature unprepared, unmeet for death ..." I said I'd hear his sins.
In his prefatory 'To the Gentlemen Readers', 8-11, Jones states that 'I have (purposely) omitted and left out some fond and frivolous gestures, digressing (and in my poor opinion) far unmeet for the matter'.