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1. Having or exhibiting no mercy; merciless.
2. Exceeding a normal or reasonable limit; excessive: unmerciful heat.

un·mer′ci·ful·ly adv.
un·mer′ci·ful·ness n.
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Noun1.unmercifulness - inhumaneness evidenced by an unwillingness to be kind or forgiving
inhumaneness, inhumanity - the quality of lacking compassion or consideration for others
ruthlessness, pitilessness - mercilessness characterized by a lack of pity
inexorability, inexorableness, relentlessness - mercilessness characterized by an unwillingness to relent or let up; "the relentlessness or their pursuit"
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Covetousness, desire of money, insatiable greediness, deceitfulness, unmercifulness, injury, oppression, extortion, contempt of God, hatred toward the brethren, and hatred of all people are the nurses and breeders of usury.
In this process no mortal weakness is beyond control, as Arnold explains in an exhortatory passage that would be at home in even the most orthodox of Christian devotionals: "Never mind how various and multitudinous the impulses are; impulses to intemperance, concupiscence, covetousness, pride, sloth, envy, malignity, anger, clamour, bitterness, harshness, unmercifulness. Die to them all, and to each as it comes!