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Adj.1.unmeritorious - without merit; "protect...from unmeritorious criticism"
unworthy - lacking in value or merit; "dispel a student whose conduct is deemed unworthy"; "unworthy of forgiveness"
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When we are treated well, we naturally begin to think that we are not altogether unmeritorious, and that it is only just we should treat ourselves well, and not mar our own good fortune.
He urged the Tribunal to enter a verdict of dismissal of the petition, adding, ' I adopt the submissions of the Counsels of the 1st and 2nd Respondents and urge the Tribunal to dismiss the petition for being very, very, unmeritorious .'
'Accused Chiong's contention is unmeritorious. The suspension pendente lite of the said accused is mandated under Section 13 of Republic Act No.
It is no coincidence that the leaking of this correspondence follows the recent termination of my employment with Birmingham, and comments made by that club, which appear to have triggered Middlesbrough's attempts to revive their unmeritorious allegations against me by way of media conjecture and speculation.
"We find it unmeritorious Ampaguey's defense that he did not profit from the transaction.
'The applicant's argument that she would be precluded from the right to a fair trial is therefore speculative and unmeritorious,' the judge was quoted saying.
Defendants must continue to be protected from unmeritorious claims, nuisance litigation, and irrecoverable costs as the growing body of law in this area develops.
clear rules, deter claimants from bringing forward unmeritorious claims,
The court said Pasigian's motion to reverse its ruling is "unmeritorious." Pasigian was sentenced to a minimum of six years to up to 15 years in prison for graft and four to seven years for malversation of public property.
He crucially worked out the deal with the state," Lyman shared, speaking of an unmeritorious attempt to shut down the range that took her and Dave many years and over $1 million in legal fees to beat.
But the respondent, through their Counsel, vehemently opposed the application claiming it was frivolous, vexatious and unmeritorious.
"The decision affirms the primacy of the federal regulatory process in adequacy of warnings and ensures that our state's pharmaceutical companies will continue to enjoy the protection from unmeritorious product-liability litigation," Kass said.View the full article from NJBIZ at http://www.njbiz.com/article/20181114/NJBIZ01/181119941/legal-group-lauds-nj-supreme-courts-accutane-ruling.