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Failing to give due care or attention; inattentive.

un·mind′ful·ly adv.
un·mind′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.unmindfully - in a careless and thoughtless mannerunmindfully - in a careless and thoughtless manner
advertently, heedfully, mindfully - in a careful deliberate manner
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Pakistan recently witnessed a sharp decline in revenues from tobacco industry after a few years of growth when Federal Board of Revenue unmindfully raised federal excise duty on cigarettes.
Unmindfully, I catch snatches of chatter from neighbors rushing by out there in the street, but thankfully, our walls shield me from seeing their faces.
Through such flagging, established nations are reproduced as nations, with their citizenry being unmindfully reminded of their national identity" (Billig, 1995, p.
Another lady in a formal gown had taken a sandwich from her bag, munching it unmindfully while asking a male neighbor for a bottle of mineral water.
Taking unmindfully a lead from an article published in an Urdu daily months ago, NAB chairman had rushed to announce launching of probe against the embattled former prime minister over allegations that he laundered $4.9 billion to India.
Apparently in a hurry to get to his destination, the commuter unmindfully left his luggage behind after a brief discussion with the MMDA personnel, the agency said in a statement.
I unmindfully put my hand in the bag and pulled out some pieces and started eating them.