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Failing to give due care or attention; inattentive.

un·mind′ful·ly adv.
un·mind′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.unmindfulness - the trait of forgetting or ignoring your responsibilitiesunmindfulness - the trait of forgetting or ignoring your responsibilities
attentiveness - the trait of being observant and paying attention
heedfulness, mindfulness - the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities
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His open criticism on the unmindfulness and disregardness of the government is also a reason for the book to be marked as a rebellious and disloyal record that can misguide the subjects of the society.
What some call the 'unconscious', according to Singer, 'resides within the peripheries of ordinary consciousness in the way that unmindfulness does, or even absentmindedness, in situations where we act spontaneously and may not be wholly aware of what we have done' (221).
They encamped by the river of Unmindfulness, whose water no vessel can hold; of this they were all obliged to drink a certain quantity, and those who were not saved by wisdom drank more than was necessary; and each one as he drank forgot all things.