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tr.v. un·mold·ed, un·mold·ing, un·molds
To remove from a mold: unmold a lemon mousse.
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Compared with that dark and stern countenance, her brothers' faces, bending low over their soup-plates, were mere circles of pink, unmolded flesh.
Pate may be served molded or unmolded, hot or cold, but tends to develop its best flavor after being chilled.
Layer drying/ Layer drying/ Layer drying/ curing regime curing regime curing regime for screen for airbrush for in-mold printed method airbrush method method Manufacturers Time Oven Time Mold tool recommended (s) temperature (s) temperature oven ([degrees]C) ([degrees]C) temperatures ([degrees]C) PEDOT: PSS 130 900 130 300 65-70 Phosphor 130 180 130 120 65-70 Dielectric 130 240 130 150 65-70 Silver 130 120 130 90 65-70 Time (s) PEDOT: PSS 120-150 Phosphor 911-120 Dielectric 120-150 Silver 60-90 The materials were then modified and applied with a compressed air driven airbrush, firstly as unmolded devices and then as in-mold parts.
Different kinds of tissue form thanks to chemical gradients that spread across that unmolded cellular "clay." Cornell's robots are built along the same model 6 except instead of a mass of cells, the starting material with a cube subdivided into blocks (the number of blocks can vary from hundreds to thousands or more).
The findings of the present study also do not confirm the findings of Orteza, Vogelbach and Denegar who showed that unmolded orthotic devices did not improve balance scores of non-injured participants [16].
Rodin worked the sculpture in such a way that the forms seem to emerge straight from the unmolded clay, so that it becomes difficult to tell where one figure--or the ground--ends, and the other begins.
The furnace made pig iron (or unmolded iron) for local forges and household items such as the famous Hopewell Stoves, which made their way into more than 60,000 homes.
Embodying a certain macho perfection, from his posture to his gung-ho attitude, he gives impressionable, unmolded Louisiana boys something to aspire to, partly because he's so invested himself: During a college-prep night at the local high school, 90% of the parents leave before Usie can deliver his Army-is-the-answer speech.
They sell a lot of this pate, which is baked in a terrine, unmolded and sliced.
Crafted from soft, unmolded, undyed horsehide that faces away from the body, and plush natural sheep's wool that faces against, it provides exceptional all-day comfort.
Prices for Greg Kramer's holsters ranging from $34 for simple, unmolded IWB clip holsters in cowhide to $98 for the more complex Vertical Scabbard or $110 for the Women's Scabbard.
If necessary, trim excess cake off the bottom of the lamb, so the lamb will sit up evenly when unmolded. Invert mold onto a wire rack, remove the clamps, and carefully separate both sides of the mold.