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tr.v. un·mold·ed, un·mold·ing, un·molds
To remove from a mold: unmold a lemon mousse.
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Coat 14 (3-in) fluted molds or two standard muffin pans with cooking spray, making sure they're evenly and thoroughly coated to prevent the cakes from sticking when unmolding.
(If the cakes cool too much in the molds of the pans, the butter will cause the cakes to stick when unmolding. If this happens, pop them back into the 350 F oven for a couple of minutes to warm them and then unmold.)
A name and unmolding time on each container can keep things organized.
If you use wood, line the mold with waxed paper or plastic to make unmolding easier.
If you use wood, line the mold with plastic or waxed paper to aid unmolding.
For easiest unmolding, fill mold nearly to the top.
A final chapter is devoted to dressings.Special features elsewhere in the book include the spectrum of salad greens, illustrated and identified; how to wash and crisp salad greens; flowers for salads; sure-fire directions for unmolding gelatin salads; how to make fresh herb oils; how to use nut oils; and more.
If you've made flan before, you know that caramel is the secret to both the sauce and the ease of unmolding the custard.