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or un·nam·a·ble  (ŭn-nā′mə-bəl)
Not to be named or identified: "We lived in dread of various unnameable calamities" (Garrison Keillor).
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All thy unnamable imminglings, float beneath me here; I am buoyed by breaths of once living things, exhaled as air, but water now.
"Bestowing virtue"--thus did Zarathustra once name the unnamable.
The latitude and longitude are mine, and the bearings from the oak ribs on the shoal to Lion's Head, and the cross-bearings from the points unnamable, I only know.
"And I saw it go under the sand, a fathom under the sand, on cross-bearings unnamable, where the mangroves fade away, and the coconuts grow, and the rise of land lifts from the beach to the Lion's Head."
Again that unnamable and unmistakable terror was in her eyes, and she said, almost in a whisper, "You are Lucifer."
In The Unnamable Present, Calasso faces up to a world that has done away with his very element--the culture of analogy--as it has irrevocably committed to a digital, virtual reality.
For people in the closing stages of tomorrow's Dublin City Marathon, however, the most useful Beckett mantra will another three-liner, from The Unnamable: "You must go on.
I'm grateful to Samuel Beckett & to my high school boyfriend whose drunk famer yelled when we closed the door & read The Unnamable during the Tet offensive.
Anxiety is not so much a fear of a specific thing but a fear of everything, an unnamable dread about the future.
In my 20s, I was obsessed with not-knowing, with the unspeakable, the unnamable. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation about the unnamable in W.
We name what we see here in our world in hopes that by doing so, we are saying something about that which is unnamable.