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Adj.1.unnaturalized - not having acquired citizenshipunnaturalized - not having acquired citizenship  
foreign, strange - relating to or originating in or characteristic of another place or part of the world; "foreign nations"; "a foreign accent"; "on business in a foreign city"
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Illegal and unnaturalized immigrants may not be able to vote--though liberal activists are working diligently to circumvent that nativist impediment--but do alter the balance of political power in other ways.
Specifically, she examines a 1931 Michigan law that required the registration of all unnaturalized foreigners (or aliens).
The author covers this legislation in great detail, revealing the fervent hostility to illegal immigrants and unnaturalized Americans during this era.
jurisdiction by granting state citizenship to an unnaturalized alien
On one hand, these incongruities unnaturalized Pike's actions by contrasting them with hyperbolic or fantastic circumstances.
(327) The decisions in Maine were in response to an interrogatory from the Maine State Senate asking whether "'free colored persons, of African descent, having a residence established in some town in this state ...' are men, women, children, paupers, persons under guardianship, or unnaturalized foreigners" and, thus, whether they have the right to vote.
(129) This limitation made poor laws a useful tool against unwanted immigrants: "Unnaturalized immigrants remained permanently subject to deportation under the provisions of the poor laws empowering local officials to seek an order causing paupers without settlement to be sent back where they 'belonged' at public expense." (130) Not all state efforts were restrictive or discriminatory, however.
In contrast, Black's Law Dictionary defines "alien" as a "foreigner, one born abroad; a person who owes allegiance to a foreign government; in this country, a person born outside of the United States and unnaturalized under our Constitution and our laws." BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 84 (9th ed.
The government gave unnaturalized Russian Jews the choice of joining the army or being repatriated to Russia.
(22) On 18 June the city commissioner reminded municipal departments that, in hiring new employees, "only those who are British subjects should be considered"--an order that anticipated the Legion's demand on 8 July to be informed whether any unnaturalized enemy aliens were on the city payroll.
as an outspoken, unnaturalized black West Indian incomer" made it difficult ("F.