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Noun1.unneighborliness - an unneighborly dispositionunneighborliness - an unneighborly disposition    
unfriendliness - an unfriendly disposition
good-neighborliness, good-neighbourliness, neighborliness, neighbourliness - a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors
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(227.) Professor Robert Ellickson proposed such a system nearly three decades ago when he suggested that cities could establish 'Nuisance Boards" empowered to promulgate and enforce norms of "unneighborliness" through a system of frees.
1995) (concluding that plaintiff "cannot rely on statements made to others, especially non-employees, to defeat summary judgment....The Constitution is far better served by permitting unneighborliness, in the pursuit of free expression, than it is by outlawing it and rendering every working citizen mute."); Gleason v.
They are only the instruments of extreme unneighborliness.") (emphasis in the original).