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Adj.1.Unneighborly - not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighborunneighborly - not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor
unfriendly - not disposed to friendship or friendliness; "an unfriendly coldness of manner"; "an unfriendly action to take"
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The interfering and unneighborly regulations of some States, contrary to the true spirit of the Union, have, in different instances, given just cause of umbrage and complaint to others, and it is to be feared that examples of this nature, if not restrained by a national control, would be multiplied and extended till they became not less serious sources of animosity and discord than injurious impediments to the intcrcourse between the different parts of the Confederacy.
Besides, as he wittily added, a chief merit in a dwelling was to present a front on whichever side it might happen to be seen; for, as it was exposed to all eyes in all weathers, there should be no weak flank for envy or unneighborly criticism to assail.
"This seems an unneighborly business, Sir Charles," said Trefusis, quite at his ease; " but as it is a public question, it need not prejudice our private relations.
It's far from a devastating increase, but considering that the bulk of it will come from thousands of nonresidents who shop at the village's popular Deer Park Town Center mall, it seems a bit unneighborly, at least, to expect outsiders to pay for amenities and improvements that will mostly benefit village residents.
"How unneighborly of you to turn up so late Dinner is almost over."
Notably, norms also constrain in this way: perhaps you would face social sanctions from your neighbors if you scaled the wall, as it might be "unneighborly" to enter another's private property.
During the recent flap over the Kaleidoscope Music Festival I was surprised to read that Commissioner Faye Stewart thought very loud music and extra vehicle traffic inflicted on Seavey Loop residents are downright "unneighborly," and that county officials should be more concerned about residents' comfort and quality of life.
In The Temple (1633), George Herbert described the parson, who "mislikes" any not participating in his Rogationtide processions, "and reproves as uncharitable, and unneighborly; and if they will not reform, presents them" (284).
No longer receptive to sermons condemning such unneighborly behavior, we have fallen into insipid platitudes rebuking vice while preserving self-esteem.
While some of the subsequent venom on another Facebook page, directed at the person who some felt caused the problem, popped up in a decidedly unneighborly way, for the most part, everyone worked together to keep a bad situation from getting worse and helped preserve a town treasure.
unneighborly desire to buy the cows for less than a fair price.