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Adj.1.unnotched - having no notches
smooth - of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth
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Charpy impact strength unnotched (aCUe) and notched (aCNe) versus applied compounding temperature profile for injection molded short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites, "r" indicates repetition of an experiment.
Also, an impact tester (U-F Impact Tester; Ueshima Seisakusho) was used for an unnotched Izod impact test.
The test is performed by applying a known force to a notched or unnotched sample.
Unnotched Izod impact test using cantilevered beam configuration with tenstometer (Model: M500-25KN, OL11 1NR, England) was carried out at Foundary Department, Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Lagos in accordance with BS EN ISO 903: 1998 on a rectangular shape of CDF-HDPE laminates with dimensions of 80mm (span) x 25mm (width) x 3mm (thickness) for a constant rate of 40 mm /min.
Davis, "Tension-compression fatigue behaviour of a H-VARTM manufactured unnotched and notched carbon/ epoxy composite," Composite Structures, vol.
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Charpy unnotched impact strength is 72% higher at 23 C, and Charpy notched impact is 52% higher.
It can be measured indirectly from 4-point bending tests on unnotched prisms.
Tensile tests (specimen type 1A according to DIN EN ISO 527-2 [21]; gauge length: 100 mm; testing speed 2mm/min; elongation measurement via VideoXtens, Zwick/Roell GmbH, Ulm, Germany) and unnotched Charpy impact tests (Charpy impact testing device type 5102, Zwick GmbH, Ulm, Germany) [22] of at least 5 specimens of matrices and composites as well as their fracture surfaces via SEM were investigated as described earlier in [16].