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Adj.1.unobjective - (of e.g. evidence) not objective or easily verifiedunobjective - (of e.g. evidence) not objective or easily verified
subjective - taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias; "a subjective judgment"
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Some, Hamilton argues, suffer under a sort of scholarly "groupthink," the tendency to follow unobjective examples; others are too specialized and cannot see the forest for the trees; but almost all share a marked inclination to celebrate American history at the cost of historical accuracy (15).
This clearly unobjective approach creates scenarios where adverse events occur or disability remains because we lack objective real time data.
Chinese Muslims are disturbed with the false accounts relating to restrictions and curbs on Islamic practices, and regrets the unobjective propaganda was backed by western countries and some rights groups funded by them, said Dilmurat Omar, Dean Xinjiang Normal University.
Responding to Saad Hariri's recent Tweets, he described him as perceiving his party with an unobjective eye of hatred.
At the opening of the conference in Tehran many participants noted that current attempts of certain forces to present the territory of Islam as a source of evil, violence, and terrorism are completely unobjective.
He said the current situation was "illogical, unobjective and unfair", and may prompt some farmers to take legal action.
Then she goes on to claim that the unborn child is "not-yet-living" This is an astonishing claim that is both unobjective and irrational.
Some maintain that the nonimmigrant visa refusal rate is an unobjective and arbitrary standard, because it is based on decisions made by consular officers rather than the actual behavior of nonimmigrants.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A group of Azerbaijani MPs have condemned a recent motion passed by the European Parliament (EP) harshly criticizing the Turkish government's handling of the protests in central ystanbul, calling the motion biased and unobjective.
The declaration above all appears unobjective and biased, because there's not a word about how all this started, why it happened, who started the aggressive action and who armed Georgia.
William Cavanaugh, Stan the Man: A Thoroughly Biased Account of a Complete Unobjective Person, in STANLEY HAUERWAS, THE HAUERWAS READER 17 (John Berkman & Michael Cartwright eds.