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Adj.1.unobjective - (of e.g. evidence) not objective or easily verifiedunobjective - (of e.g. evidence) not objective or easily verified
subjective - taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias; "a subjective judgment"
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Now, we have to avoid being too Pollyannaish, and being unobjectively Pollyannaish.
He highlighted that the Arab League (AL) monitors who came to Syria upon the League's initiative and of its own choice confirmed that media are lying, exaggerating facts and acting unobjectively.
However, we are not surprised to discover that, in keeping with Faulkner's other novels, Pylon is less about these three figures than it is about the reporter who, in an attempt to understand these flyers--or even articulate his own fascination for them--becomes intimately and unobjectively involved in their lives.