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Adj.1.unobligated - not obligated
obligated - caused by law or conscience to follow a certain course; "felt obligated to repay the kindness"; "was obligated to pay off the student loan"
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With this much unobligated money in the bank, why are airports lobbying Congress to tax everyday travelers even more?
Romeo Acop said DOH has incurred billions of unreleased appropriations and unobligated allotment since 2012.
541, which consolidate savings or unutilized balances and withdraw unobligated balances of agencies with low levels of obligations.
"If Trump declared a national emergency and diverted unobligated MILCON funds to a border wall--and the order was not held up in the courts--then ...
The DBM explained that the P370 billion was computed by deducting P18.3-billion appropriations, which were extended for 2018 from P388.4 billion in unreleased appropriations and unobligated allotments.
The budget department under Abad had allowed the withdrawal of P72 billion worth of unobligated funds of government agencies under the executive department.
There is a complexity to getting funds on contract which is acknowledged in the joint OUSD (Acquisition Technology & Logistics) and OUSD(C) memorandum of August 20, 2014, which provides further guidance on the budget execution tenets associated with the management of unobligated funds during their unexpired phase.
Their views were made known in a letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, which also pointed out that there is nearly $6 billion in unobligated funding in the Airport and Airway Trust Fund that could be utilized for airport infrastructure instead of raising the tax.
Expenditures to date and encumbered and committed funds are about $192 million It's estimated the unobligated balance of funds after June 30, 2018, will be approximately $1,9 million.
The first is the Trump administrations call in its "blueprint" for the fiscal 2018 budget for a "cancellation of $3.9 billion from unobligated carryover funding" from the Pell Grant program.
"Before the submission of an emergency supplemental request, it seems incumbent upon the administration as well as Congress to pursue the use of unobligated funds, including unobligated Ebola funds," Republican Reps.