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Adj.1.unoriented - not having position or goal definitely set or ascertainedunoriented - not having position or goal definitely set or ascertained; "engaged in unoriented study"; "unoriented until she looked at the map"
disorienting - causing loss of physical or intellectual bearings; "making so many turns to the right and then the left was completely disorienting"; "a sharp blow to the head can be disorienting"
orientated, oriented - adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances; sometimes used in combination; "the house had its large windows oriented toward the ocean view"; "helping freshmen become oriented to college life"; "the book is value-oriented throughout"
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Where C is the sonic velocity of the as-prepared or drawn UHMWPE fibers and [C.sub.u] is the sonic velocity of the fully unoriented sample, taken as 1.65 km/s [41].
(For higher L/D dies, the polymer is said to "forget" its unoriented state prior to entering the die.) The relatively small 7.8% increase in swell for [L.sub.1]/[H.sub.1] = 10 rectangular die compared to [L.sub.1]/ [D.sub.1] = 40 die is consistent with this result.
(8,9) In cases in which orientation is not possible (for instance a level II through IV neck dissection unoriented as to superior versus inferior), consultation with the surgeon is recommended.
For the unoriented, let it be known that Johan is as extra as extra gets.
Accidental attacks are unoriented, do not have all above mentioned stages, and they are characterized by high speed and low specificity.
Mallikarjun (2015) applied three-stage unoriented network DEA to evaluate the efficiency of 27 US airlines in 2012 and discovered that reducing operating expenses and increasing fare revenue were the main methods to improve efficiency.
The XRD pattern analysis of speleothem and vein barite mineralization was carried out on the powdered unoriented preparations with the Bruker D8 Advance diffractometer using Johannson-type primary monochromator filtered Cu-K[alpha] radiation and the LyxEye detector system.
The predominant abnormalities consisted of chromosomes/ nuclei in stickiness, bridges at anaphase and telophase, C-metaphases, unoriented chromosomes at metaphases, and chromosomes/chromatids or even lost fragments at anaphases (Table 4 and 5, Figure 4).
Raman spectra are calculated in the VV-polarization for unoriented peapod samples.
It consists of an unoriented, irregular, partially opened tanwhite mass.