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Adv.1.unoriginally - in an unoriginal manner
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(177) Scalia was arguing correctly as a textual matter (but from our viewpoint also irrelevantly and unoriginally) that those activities that substantially affect "interstate commerce" are not themselves interstate commerce, presumably because they are "intrastate." (178)
She says unoriginally and woefully "what is required at this point of time is not the reintroduction of the death penalty but a long term policy and mechanism to tackle drugs and other serious crimes".
And though he set out to criticize those writers who unoriginally copied and pasted from other sources to create derivative works, he did correctly characterize the complexities of book "making." Multiple human and material agents touch across time and space within a single sheet of paper, and there they become legible to us as readers.
To Ed.-in-Chief Sophia Deng, The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell University: Quite unoriginally, your student newspaper boasts being "independent," which, I suppose, in this age of Orwellian PC-inanity, must mean dependent on PCideology.
I used to think our handheld devices were just new tools to get the same old things, like food delivery, attention, and sex, but now I wonder whether, when we're on our wee screens for hours, flicking endlessly through apps stocked with mimetically expressive and unoriginally made-up faces, we're just trying to spend time with our loved one, the iPhone itself.)
If the act's name doesn't ring a bell, it's because they were unoriginally named Boy Band when they were formed during the boot camp.
I like to (wholly and unoriginally) call this the Brooklyn Hipster Effect.
"It's like living the dream," he simpers, unoriginally.
Along the same lines, he excoriated "Higher Taxes and Redistribution," "Socialism-Theory," and "Class Hatred"; called "Labor Union[s] a Religion'"; and warned against "Dictators and Propaganda." (48) He opined unoriginally that everyone "who doesn't like our way of doing business, and wants to teach us a new social order" should be thrown "by the seat of his pants ...
Narveson argues, convincingly if unoriginally, that it doesn't, since 1) intuitionists disagree about what moral 'facts' can be intuited and 2) there is no rational way to resolve their disagreement.
"Jack of all trades, master of none." This saying accurately epitomizes the new French dance show, unoriginally entitled "Show Dance," which made its way to Cairo this week.
Some provisions are unoriginally salutary; some inadequate.