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 (ŭn-ŏs′tĕn-tā′shəs, -tən-)
Not ostentatious; unpretentious: an unostentatious office.

un·os′ten·ta′tious·ly adv.


1. (of a person) in a manner that is not trying to impress people with one's wealth or importance
2. (of an action) in a manner that is not done in an exaggerated way to get people's attention
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for recreation--and unostentatiously, as becomes our unofficial
We are a handful of private citizens of America, traveling simply for recreation,--and unostentatiously, as becomes our unofficial state--and therefore, we have no excuse to tender for presenting ourselves before your Majesty--"
Grimy sailors came down out of the foretop placidly announcing themselves as "a handful of private citizens of America, traveling simply for recreation and unostentatiously," etc.
Unlike other men engaged in the spirit-stirring business of war, they stole from their camp unostentatiously and unobserved resembling a band of gliding specters, more than warriors seeking the bubble reputation by deeds of desperate daring.
We re-entered the harbour very quietly as usual and when our craft had been moored unostentatiously amongst the plebeian stone-carriers, Dominic, whose grim joviality had subsided in the last twenty-four hours of our homeward run, abandoned me to myself as though indeed I had been a doomed man.
But to blockade and watch a coastline is one thing, to blockade and watch the whole surface of a country is another, and cruisers and privateers are things that take long to make, that cannot be packed up and hidden and carried unostentatiously from point to point.
The most fascinating aspect of The 15:17 to Paris is the way it's set, quite naturally and unostentatiously, in an overlooked America which most Hollywood films either ignore or treat as incredibly exotic.
Baxter and Me unostentatiously mixes Leahy's various filmmaking tendencies towards documentary, personal reflection, fictive reconstruction and daily chronicle.
Their customs should ideally be abandoned, but if they can't be, they should be followed privately and unostentatiously.
He was a most generous citizen who gave most liberally and unostentatiously to the charities of the city, and a most patriotic gentleman.
The modernisation of Indian cuisine crept up on us a few years ago, unostentatiously but firmly.
The events of the day are slid under your nose, quietly, unostentatiously, with, now and then, a by-line to mark the presence of a human hand, an ego, a touch of vanity.