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Adj.1.unpackaged - not packaged or put into packetsunpackaged - not packaged or put into packets; "unpackaged nuts"
packaged - enclosed in a package or protective covering; "packaged cereals"
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The preliminary study highlights that competition in the branded tea market has remained fierce as consumers have a choice to switch to unbranded and unpackaged loose tea over branded packaged tea.
The situation is directly the opposite in rural areas and urban slums where most of the flour is either unpackaged or sourced from small and medium scale millers.
All off the products in Green Options are unpackaged. "The general conception is that products in the shop will be more expensive, but this is not the case because packaging is often a significant part of the cost of an item," he added.
Taylor Farms discovered the issue when the salads were being unpackaged to display on store shelves.
The LHC has ordered the Punjab Food Authority to give its point of view on a petition that it has banned the sale of unpackaged milk.
Kohl's (KSS) announced that all Kohl's stores will be accepting free, convenient, unpackaged returns for Amazon (AMZN) customers starting in July.
With a flagship shop in Islington, Unpackaged has concessions stores at Planet Organic branches in Muswell Hill, Torrington Place, and Westbourne Grove.
A PFA representative said that adulterated milk causes various diseases, hence, the sale of unpackaged milk would be completely banned across the province by 2022 as only hygienic and packaged milk would be available in markets.
The average price for unpasteurized unpackaged milk was 36.45 soms per 1 liter in the first quarter of 2018.
'Unpackaged.U,' a packaging-free grocery store in Sanchong of New Taipei, has gained popularity in the neighborhood with a growing number of customers who share a commitment to reducing waste.
Unpunctuated, unpackaged, as subjective and undifferentiated as interwoven spectra of color, the poems in Litane move as if through water.