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Only sports agate and TV programming grids remained unpaginated. Graphics and electronic prepress director Jim Bye, who also serves as Scripps Howard Newspapers technology adviser, attributed difficulties with sports results in part to late-arriving local scores from often-changing student stringers.
All of these records, paginated and unpaginated, typewritten and printed, were certified by the Republic of the Philippines, General Services Administration, Records Management and Archives Office, Manila, Rosalina A.
The introduction to the facsimile does not say whether section II runs on immediately after section I or could be an insert paginated from P-1 again; one has to turn to illustration 3 in Robert Petre's article to see that section II does in fact start (with an unpaginated title-page) on the verso of the last leaf of section 1, with pagination beginning again on its first couplet of notation.
Mot 43, 44 (August 2005), unpaginated. For more on this archival
(42) For this quotation and further information on the subject-matter of the panels, see Paul Boesch, Swiss Glasspainting Abroad: The Collection in Nostell Church, Zurich, 1937, typescript translation from the German by Hilda Gaze, 1993, unpaginated.
(7) Enrico Nencioni, 'Isaotta Guttadauro', Fanfulla della Domenica, 6 (6 February 1886), unpaginated.
Robert Colescott, quoted in "Excerpts from a Conversation with Robert Colescott," from a pamphlet issued by the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, in conjunction with the exhibition "Robert Colescott: A Retrospective," February 23-April 16, 1989, unpaginated.
Vane (unpaginated): "He said to me that his wife was trying to drive him off."
Ad makeup work performed in Orlando and Chicopec (where employees use ad order, layout and tracking systems but output ads as unpaginated type) will continue for some time thereafter, but eventually, Higgins said, all ads will be set and all classified pages will be composed in Dallas, which also will receive ad transmissions now directed to New York.
Dates in parentheses in the text and the notes refer to these unpublished and unpaginated papers.
Dreams is thick and unpaginated, but the six-by-eight-inch format is great for reading, if only so-so for pictures (the images are swallowed by the binding, or by one's own fat, barbaric thumb).
Unpaginated copy from the CText system is output on two Copal 11" x 17" printers driven by two '486-based 50MHz EISA machines that were built in house.