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1. Not pleasing to the taste: an unpalatable meal.
2. Not pleasant or agreeable: unpalatable truths.

un′pal·at·a·bil′i·ty n.
un·pal′at·a·bly adv.
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the quality or state of being unpalatable
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Noun1.unpalatability - the property of being unacceptable to the mouthunpalatability - the property of being unacceptable to the mouth
taste property - a property appreciated via the sense of taste
disgustingness, distastefulness, nauseatingness, sickeningness, unsavoriness - extreme unpalatability to the mouth
unappetisingness, unappetizingness - the property of spoiling the appetite
palatability, palatableness - the property of being acceptable to the mouth
2.unpalatability - the property of being unacceptable to the mind; "the policy's unpalatability caused an uproar"
disagreeableness - the quality of being disagreeable and unpleasant
disgustingness, unsavoriness - the property of being extremely unacceptable to the mind
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News that a cabinet minister, Joe Johnson (the brother of Boris), quit over the government's Brexit plan generated a media storm in the UK over the weekend as it highlights the unpalatability of the plan to both those favouring leaving the EU and those favouring remaining in the EU (Joe, unlike is brother, favours remaining).
The unpalatability of quinine syrups as well as the crushed tablets may lead to the use of subtherapeutic dosages, noncompliance, and potential development of parasitic resistance.
[1,2] Additionally, they have the following problems: cold chain and refrigerated storage requirements; unpalatability; and the potential presence of harmful excipients.
This friction between palatability and unpalatability allows the panelists to succeed in the mediasphere; they can occupy mainstream space because they often invoke palatable neoliberal sympathies with which to engage rather than challenging the status quo.
7b), unpalatability to grazing animals and high commercial end uses makes it an efficient plant species for restoration of fly ash disposal sites.
First, the unpalatability of introducing the concept of federalism into the country's political discourse meant that a reformed administrative structure with strong, autonomous provinces would not be acceptable.
The total quantity of pasture present was estimated from livestock consumption using a range of pasture wastage (trampling, soiling, unpalatability) rates (40% for H, 40% and 60% for L; Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) 2006; Emmick 2012).
Aplysia are relatively large animals, and their main predator avoidance strategies are unpalatability or ejection of an ink that contains a toxin (Carefoot, 1987).
In grasslands supporting livestock and native ungulates, blue gum has a considerable competitive advantage as compared with many other tree species, as its juvenile foliage is seldom browsed by cattle or sheep (its unpalatability may be related to its moderate toxicity rating [CPCS 2009]).