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Uninhabited: unpeopled wastelands.
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Adj.1.unpeopled - with no people living thereunpeopled - with no people living there; "vast unpopulated plains"
uninhabited - not having inhabitants; not lived in; "an uninhabited island"; "gaping doors of uninhabited houses"
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It was not inhabited; it lay far over toward the further shore, abreast a dense and almost wholly unpeopled forest.
Men, boys, and girls Desert the unpeopled village; and wild crowds Spread o’er the plain, by the sweet phrensy driven.
Here was a new world, a world of chaos unpeopled except for herself; but it was a cold, damp, lonely world and she found it depressing after the novelty of it had been dissipated, by an overpowering sense of the magnitude of the forces surging about her.
But the time will come; and when, in their changed ashes, the growth of centuries unborn has struck its roots, the restless men of distant ages will repair to these again unpeopled solitudes; and their fellows, in cities far away, that slumber now, perhaps, beneath the rolling sea, will read in language strange to any ears in being now, but very old to them, of primeval forests where the axe was never heard, and where the jungled ground was never trodden by a human foot.
But all desolate and unpeopled as it was, it was illustrious ground.
I look out at the sunrise--that fateful sunrise which will shine upon an unpeopled world.
The navy called to me, as did the free, wide, unpeopled spaces of the mighty oceans.
And that universal gesture seemed as vain as it was vast, as vain as if that wind were whistling about some unpeopled and purposeless planet.
Mohammad Ahmad, a local resistance fighter from a small village in Abyan's Moudea district, said that checkpoints are everywhere in the province and Al Qaida militants who escaped from security services' crackdown are hiding in unpeopled valleys in Abyan.
Candida Hofer's awe-inspiring unpeopled interiors have also been steadily rising in value at auction.
Cappello's writing about the exhibit tugs us back to Vic Damone's "recreation of images" through music, and music's ability to create a "mood room"--at the same time that it pulls us forward into the paintings of Charles Burchfield, whose unpeopled landscapes inspire Cappello to muse on painting as an embodiment, as well as a creator, of mood.