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Adj.1.unperceiving - lacking perceptionunperceiving - lacking perception; "as unperceptive as a boulder"
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As he moved away he saw Lawrence Lefferts, tall and resplendent, leading his wife up to be introduced; and heard Gertrude Lefferts say, as she beamed on the Countess with her large unperceiving smile: "But I think we used to go to dancing-school together when we were children--." Behind her, waiting their turn to name themselves to the Countess, Archer noticed a number of the recalcitrant couples who had declined to meet her at Mrs.
Under a monopoly we all grow stupid, unperceiving, apathetic, given up to routine.
The term `aesthetic' was originally derived from the Greek word `aesthesis' meaning `to perceive' and most familiar to us, as I have suggested, in the word `an aesthetic' for an an aesthetic before a surgical operation renders us insensible or unperceiving.