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1. Not yet tested or tried.
2. Lacking the benefit of experience; unskilled.


(ʌnˈpræk tɪst)

1. not trained or skilled; inexpert: an unpracticed actor.
2. not practiced; not usually or generally done or put into effect.
Also, esp. Brit.,un•prac′tised.
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Adj.1.unpracticed - not having had extensive practiceunpracticed - not having had extensive practice  
inexperienced, inexperient - lacking practical experience or training


1. Not tested or proved:
2. Lacking experience and the knowledge gained from it:
References in classic literature ?
Every thing now devolved on the timid, gentle, unpracticed Adrienne.
The woman understood by the timidity and undecided manner of the applicant, that she had a very unpracticed being to deal with, and she was emboldened to act accordingly.
Yet the riders among these numerous obstructions, which were such as would terrify an unpracticed eye, gave no demonstrations of uneasiness as their horses toiled through the sloughs or trotted with uncertain paces along the dark route.
“Those who look around them now, and see the loads of produce that issue out of every wild path in these mountains during the season of travelling, will hardly credit that no more than five years have elapsed since the tenants of these woods were compelled to eat the scanty fruits of the forest to sustain life, and, with their unpracticed skill, to hunt the beasts as food for their starving families.”
And as he looked at the unpracticed mouth and lips, he thought that such a daughter of the soil could only have caught up the sentiment by rote.
From this unsatisfactory examination, however, he was soon called by a loud and piercing exclamation from Uncas, that sounded, even to the unpracticed ears of Duncan, as the signal of some new and unexpected calamity.
But if your father is mortally sick you'll send the valet away and attend to your father with your own unpracticed, awkward hands, and will soothe him better than a skilled man who is a stranger could.
This practice was induced by presenting a character's name together with an attribute stem (e.g., Antonio-per__) and was expected to enhance the recall of the irrelevant attributes (facilitation) as well as the forgetting of the unpracticed relevant characteristics of the practiced candidate (RIF).
In contrast, the structured doubles condition was more effective than the unstructured practice group in promoting transfer to unpracticed doubles.
Over-stretched lines of communications and unpracticed extended-distance logistics procedures raised further concerns in risk-averse tactical commanders.
The alternating treatments design does not require baseline, however, all participants had one unpracticed initial reading of each passage before starting practice procedures.
His mother, unwell and unpracticed in disobedience, arranged rare visits on various pretexts, brought him some of her cooking, a shirt, money she'd managed to save and hide.