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Adj.1.unpredictive - having no predictive value
unprophetic - not prophetic; not foreseeing correctly
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We assert that concerns about the unpredictive nature of complex behavioral theories, which hampers acceptance of models such as expressive analysis, are misplaced.
Also, over half of the sample considered their parents as authoritative (n = 602, 61%); 15% felt they were permissive, about 4% considered them uninvolved, and about 20% stated that they were authoritarian and / or unpredictive.
20) This is higher than 95% for nonfunctional, conventional ELISA and antibody tests which are incapable of distinguishing helpful from harmful antibodies resulting in reproducible but nonfunctional and unpredictive results; that is, many false positives and some false negatives.
starting with unpredictive compounds or other simple lexicographic strategies like TTB but with a different cue order, e.
At the same time, there is no straightforward explanation for why subjects would decide to start the search from a completely unpredictive location.