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1. Lacking pretension or affectation; modest: a talented but unpretentious musician; an unpretentious speech accepting the award.
2. Not elaborate, ornate, or ostentatious: an unpretentious bungalow. See Synonyms at plain.

un′pre·ten′tious·ly adv.
un′pre·ten′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.unpretentiousness - the quality of being natural and without pretensionsunpretentiousness - the quality of being natural and without pretensions
naturalness - the quality of being natural or based on natural principles; "he accepted the naturalness of death"; "the spontaneous naturalness of his manner"
pretentiousness, pretension, largeness - the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth)
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Carner's zerograndstanding vocal style and unpretentiousness (highlighted by digressions and studio chat) are a refreshing mark of authenticity.
The uniqueness of its wildlife, the unpretentiousness, the weather, the Victoria coast road, Melbourne, the wine, the miles travelled without seeing traffic jams or crowds of people get me on a plane NOW.
It's almost too good to be true, this amiable teddy-bear of a man who radiates unpretentiousness (conducting the interview in 'plural', i.e.
Humility is most closely associated with a cluster of highly positive qualities including sincerity, modesty, fairness, truthfulness, unpretentiousness and authenticity.
(61) Zhi [phrase omitted] (substance, solidity) is a quality that connotes unpretentiousness and a lack of ornamentation: the Confucian Analects contains a famous statement about the need for a balance between substance and culturally acquired refinement.
I got an award from President of Pakistan and I am very grateful to Allah for it all" he puts it in his charming unpretentiousness.
The unfinished style of the ceiling and the empty paint cans on the tables and the colourful old wooden chairs add a charm and unpretentiousness to the place.
For example, in a 1955 exchange, Murray includes a photo of herself in "pants, galoshes, a beanie cap and sweater" that she felt represents her "most natural self." Roosevelt declares the picture "delightful." Bell-Scott does not comment on how Murray's desire for a more masculine presentation--and Roosevelt's support for the practice--informed their friendship, even though it was Roosevelt's "unpretentiousness" and rejection of the gendered expectations that caught Murray's attention in their initial meeting.
Guest musicians invited to contribute include Florence Welch and Beck, who add to a feeling of unpretentiousness and core self.
Unlike dirt-phobic Fanny Price, dirty girls Elizabeth and Catherine exhibit elemental, positive virtues with their unpretentiousness, sincerity, and straight talk, although Elizabeth is certainly sharper and more articulate than Catherine.