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Adj.1.unprotective - not affording protection
protective - intended or adapted to afford protection of some kind; "a protective covering"; "the use of protective masks and equipment"; "protective coatings"; "kept the drunken sailor in protective custody"; "animals with protective coloring"; "protective tariffs"
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It is vital to mention here that HTTP unprotective links have been blocked from Telecom Operators and in order to block protective links containing Https, these were sent to website administration.
It means there is unprotective iron oxide layer formed on the surface at high temperature.
(139) See Robinson Twp., 83 A.3d at 982-84 (scrutinizing the challenged statute in the light "most deferential" to the statutory purpose, but ultimately finding that the statute was impermissibly unprotective of the PTD and fell short of the fiduciary duties vested in the state government by its constitution).
Tony's childhood experiences with an emotionally remote mother, an angry bullying brother, a cold and unprotective Swiss nurse, and a sexually predatory schoolteacher left him convinced that the only way to be loved is to be perfect.
Given the significant weight accorded to free speech values in contemporary American culture and jurisprudence, however, one rarely encounters arguments for this sort of highly unprotective normative baseline.
They reported that both aggressive gases and ash deposits increase the corrosion rate synergistically, due to the reaction between potassium chloride with sulphur dioxide and oxygen which results in the formation of porous unprotective oxide [61].
In the event of presence of posterior or lateral vertebral artery foramen whether it is complete or incomplete may be unilateral or bilateral, the vertebral artery becomes unprotective and exposed to be pressed on either sided lateral flexion which may result into various types of neurological symptomatology depending upon the severity of pressure hence a clinician needs to pay the special attention to keep these variations in mind to explore the cause of neurological symptoms specially when the symptomatology enhances on lateral flexion.
El articulo "Nuisance Dust": Unprotective Limits For Exposure To Coal Mine Dust In The United States, 1934-1969", examino el despido de polvo de las minas de carbon.
The occurence of large hepatitis E epidemics among adults in disease-endemic areas suggests either that anti-HEV antibody may not be fully protective or that antibody levels decline with time and gradually reach an unprotective level.8,9,22
Knox (2003) observes that dissociation enables the regulation of emotion in the context of an unprotective relational environment.
Poorly fitted, unprotective, defective, and worn out shoes can play a major role in developing a running injury.
At other times he offers misplaced loyalty to an uncaring and unprotective host (Milo at the Risus Festival, pp.