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Adv.1.unreadably - in an illegible mannerunreadably - in an illegible manner; "this student writes illegibly"
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Addressing the interested layman he has done a great job of condensing much unreadably serious scholarship into plain English.
Adapted by writer Jane Anderson ( Olive Kitteridge ) from Meg Wolitzer's 2003 novel and directed by Swedish filmmaker Bjorn Runge, the film centres on the relationship between Joe Castleman (Jonathan Pryce), a famous -- and famously philandering -- novelist, and his supportive yet equally secretive spouse, Joan, a thwarted writer played by Close in a performance the Guardian called "unreadably brilliant."
Plath was capable of outstanding work, but in league with the confessional movement she published unreadably tedious poems, including what is perhaps the most infamous "confessional" poem, "Daddy," (4) in which she likens her father to a Nazi soldier--("I have always been scared of you, / With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo")--and herself to a victim of the Holocaust.
He published, as usual, an unreadably long article on insurgency in the Northeast.
PARTS of Peter Wootton's interview in Sunday's Mirror were almost unreadably sad.
It's a bit on the geeky side, but not unreadably so.
Some authors might have chosen to tap into the current American cultural zeitgeist of obsessing over the tawdry details of sex lives; others might have adopted such a coldly puritanical tone as to make the work unreadably documentarian.
It's almost unreadably painful, and the pain gets worse the second half of the book.
The book list was endless, and as I struggled through it over Christmas vacation, I happened upon a novel I found unreadably violent.
That usually means a combination of type too small to read, in colours or shades of grey which merge unreadably with the background (which will be another shade of grey or a complicated full colour image a la Oz magazine circa 1966) all in an enigmatic navigational framework which makes you wait respectfully for images of the great works to upload.
But some critics say there's something wrong with a system that denies or delays so many rebate applications, and they point to burdensome requests for receipts, UPC codes, and other information, unreadably small print, and other hurdles consumers face.
The obsessiveness of this entwinement is what makes the two wills drives as well as "powers," which in WI produce history seamlessly, while the drives produce it more unreadably by darkening the enlightenment whereby will becomes representation.