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Adj.1.unrecognisable - defying recognition as e.g. because of damage or alterationunrecognisable - defying recognition as e.g. because of damage or alteration
unidentifiable - impossible to identify
Adv.1.unrecognisable - beyond recognitionunrecognisable - beyond recognition; in an unrecognizable manner; "he had unrecognizably aged"
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With each word the angry pencil made a mark, and in a moment the drawing upon which Fanny Price had spent so much time and eager trouble was unrecognisable, a confusion of lines and smudges.
Once more the face of the man became almost unrecognisable. There was a great crack, the trap-door had shifted.
So blackened by the flying particles of rubbish as to be unrecognisable, they ran back from the gateway into the street, crying and shrieking.
Amongst the innocent victims of the second explosion laid out on the pavement there was a body dressed in a peasant's sheepskin coat; but the face was unrecognisable, there was absolutely nothing found in the pockets of its poor clothing, and it was the only one whose identity was never established.
There were scattered talkers and smokers and couples, unrecognisable, that moved quickly through the gloom.
A YOUNG mum was savagely attacked in her own flat - with her injuries leaving her "unrecognisable".
Simon Cowellwants the X Factorto be "unrecognisable" when it returns later this year and the music mogul reportedly wants a huge overhaul of the ITV show that has lost around ten million viewers in the past nine years.
The bodies were unrecognisable but Gul Rehman identified his sons from the clothes they were wearing.
TheNewcastle Untiedfan and famed racing pundit looked almost unrecognisable from his days as a Channel 4Racingregular, having lost three stone this year.
Summary: The usually svelte British actor is unrecognisable as former President George W.
Set Jetting looks at famous movie locations and how they are in reality - sometimes unrecognisable.