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"Pointless" is how Bruce Russell (correctly, in my view) characterizes gratuitous or unrecompensed evil, the existence of which leads him (pace Leibniz) to affirm the nonexistence of God, in "The Problem of Evil: Why is There So Much Suffering?" in Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings, 4th ed., ed.
Each chapter explores a unique facet of the church: its localized expressions of spiritual warfare, the detachment of UCKG clergymen from their congregants, the faithful and unrecompensed service of female church assistants, ordinary members' conceptions of porous bodies and intersecting visible and invisible realms, the performative rather than referential attributes of language, the spiritual and social significance of money, and the familial tensions fostered by UCKG demands.
The exiles felt their efforts, their sacrifices and struggle, had been left unrecompensed. Such sentiments were largely founded upon experiences and perceptions of change, rejection, and exclusion as they were articulated in stories circulating through the diaspora.
What other professional group would accept unrecompensed travel to an assignment?
(209) The only instrument designated as a treaty, a proposal of the African Group, expands the scope of the debate dramatically by including unauthorized and unrecompensed reproduction for research purposes, educational and research institutions, libraries, and archives.