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1. Not reconciled to social, political, or economic change; maintaining outdated attitudes, beliefs, and practices.
2. Not reconciled to the outcome of the American Civil War.

[After the Reconstruction.]


unwilling to accept social and economic change


(ˌʌn ri kənˈstrʌk tɪd)

stubbornly maintaining earlier positions, beliefs, etc.; not adjusted to new or current situations: an unreconstructed conservative.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Adj.1.unreconstructed - adhering to an attitude or position widely held to be outmoded; "peasants are still unreconstructed small capitalists at heart"; "there are probably more unreconstructed Southerners than one would like to admit"
reconstructed - adapted to social or economic change; "a reconstructed feminist"


[ˌʌnriːkənˈstrʌktɪd] ADJ [system, idea, policy] → no reformado, inamovible; [person] → recalcitrante


adj (pej) system, idea, policyunverändert; she’s an unreconstructed communistsie ist eingefleischte Kommunistin
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Now, she is thrown in at the deep end by the most unreconstructed man.
e old Cherokee was always a bit of an unreconstructed redneck, but big-hearted, honest fun nevertheless.
Ha, this is the woman who wanted to call the police when unreconstructed dinosaur Ken Morley "confessed" that he was fond of looking at the backsides of the female housemates in the communal bathroom.
Eddlem's background, as I would guess he in an unreconstructed Southerner.
The danger to Ed comes not from the likes of me, but from the unreconstructed Blairites in the party who have never forgiven Ed for winning.
This is proper unreconstructed, unsolicited bid activity, with Pfizer looking to get its hands on Astra's immunotherapy cancer treatment.
We are dealing with a bunch of unreconstructed Stalinists who are completely driven by political dogma.
We also discovered, no doubt to the delight of some unreconstructed Aussies, that we're not the only ones who have difficulty fitting in.
The Duke's unreconstructed charm is a bit of an acquired taste, of course, and Neil Carter was a little surprised, when the old fellow learned he was from South Africa, to be called "a refugee".
So if the oestrogen level gets a bit high round mine it's good to know that there's this haven of unabashed, non-exfoliating, 'leave-the-toilet-seat-up-and-to-hell-with-it' unreconstructed maledom to seek solace inside.
TO READ the Examiner Mailbag anyone would think Kirklees councillors are a bunch of unreconstructed Thatcherites determined to slash services at the merest whim.
15pm Bruce Willis returns as unreconstructed macho cop John McClane on the trail of a computer hacker suspected of sabotaging the FBI network, but the wise-cracking hero soon stumbles on a far bigger crime.