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If the shortfall in the FSRA remains unrectified and we are unable to seek satisfactory clarification on the Group's liquidity position, the rating is likely to face a multi-notch downgrade.
For unrectified evil is evil still, and simply because a government refused to punish slave traders and owners for their crimes against humanity does not excuse it from being held partly and substantially morally co-responsible for such atrocities.
Efficacy of lamellar division for correcting cicatricial lid entropion and its associated features unrectified by the tarsal fracture technique.
Sadly, until now, the flawed intelligence report of the BOC Intelligence Group remains unrectified and the conduct of a proper investigation of the case has not been pursued by the BOC Investigation Division," he said.
These studies have evaluated interface pressures with patellar-tendon-bearing (PTB) sockets [17-18,20-21], an unrectified hydrocast socket [17], and a total-surface-bearing (TSB) socket [19].
Plato's references to the powerful influence upon a soul of "the many" in the assembly praising and blaming certain things suggests how false intellectual customs and (mis) educational indoctrination can instill beliefs that do not arise from a hardened will or unrectified appetite.
He told MPs the breaches involved "late delivery of two station improvements, and two timetable changes which were not properly authorised by the Department for Transport and which could, if unrectified, have significantly reduced the value of the franchise to the department".
To note one of the few persistent and unrectified shortfalls in airpower's leverage, however, it can kill only what it can see, identify, and engage.
An enemy is always intimately related to the object of his hatred, for he carries unrectified (and disowned) sparks of his opponent.
For example, the time for the fault to go unrectified is dependent on the particular installation.
21) Given that the majority of crimes of the sort of which my wife and I were victims are committed by poor people against other poor people, it should be clear that among the unrectified injustices from which many of the disadvantaged suffer is that they pay the lion's share of the price for the injustice that prompts some of their fellows to commit crime.
Given that the international environment concerning Japan's national security has been changing drastically, these constitutional constraints, if left unrectified, are bound to adversely affect the country's interests.