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Not reflective; unthinking.

un′re·flec′tive·ly adv.
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not reflective or thoughtful; rash; unthinking
ˌunreˈflectively adv
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(ˌʌn rɪˈflɛk tɪv)

not reflective; thoughtless; lacking in due deliberation; rash.
un`re•flec′tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.unreflective - not exhibiting or characterized by careful thoughtunreflective - not exhibiting or characterized by careful thought
thoughtless - showing lack of careful thought; "the debate turned into thoughtless bickering"
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As one essay author noted, "in the face of the globalization of medical education, we must not unreflectively assume that educational practices in the West are the best.
In unreflectively relying on pre-given memory frames, group-centric understandings of reality may result, with the chances of preserving We-They dichotomies increasing because conventional means for reinforcing differences are employed (Rusen 2005, 2017; Zanazanian 2012).
I will sincerely and unreflectively do things like cite Socrates on the worthlessness of an unexamined life, thereby reaping the emotive reward of standing up for my values.
Third, this practice incites the idea that the semantics of NL--at least for those constructions that are 'well-behaved'--is structurally identical to SFOL, and does so unreflectively and without justification ([section]4).
The promise is uncritically and unreflectively embraced and sought all the while that they critique enlightenment's lack of self-reflection.
My suggestion would be that if numerals are given, the conversions should be carried out, otherwise leave it in verbal form where there is less temptation to read the date unreflectively.
They opined that Buying Impulsiveness as a consumer attribute reflected a persistent tendency to "buy spontaneously, unreflectively, immediately, and kinetically." Thereafter, it has been consistently documented that Buying Impulsiveness is significantly related to Impulse Purchase (Foroughi, Buang, Senik & Hajmisadeghi, 2013; Beatty & Ferrell, 1998).
Inspired by the 'greed versus grievance' argument developed by an Oxford professor, Paul Collier, and research officer, Anke Hoeffler, in a World Bank paper from 2002, the book unreflectively applies a framework, but not the critiques launched against it.
This is consistent with the conceptions of success used widely (and possibly unreflectively) by many researchers, who identify academic performance with success (Harackiewicz et al., 2002; Naylor, Coates, & Kelly, 2016; Willingham, 1974; Yorke & Longden, 2004).
The aim of psychotherapy for Laing, is to convert process ('what is going ok) back into praxis ('who is doing what to whom') (Laing and Esterson, 1970 [1964], p 22), whereas Jaspers has unreflectively converted praxis into process, action into event (i).
Although many in the debate community have made efforts to welcome all people into the activity, some still unreflectively appeal to tradition--a tradition of exclusion.
Many contemporary philosophers are unreflectively realist about subjunctives, regarding them as having objective truth values.