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1. Not spiritually or morally reformed; sinful or unrepentant.
2. Persistently unwilling to accept change; obstinate: "a senator who had been an unregenerate foe to woman suffrage" (Lillian Faderman).

un′re·gen′er·a·ble adj.
un′re·gen′er·a·cy (-ə-sē) n.
un′re·gen′er·ate·ly adv.
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Despite attempts to include his death at the end of act 4 as part of the retribution visited upon D'Amville's dynastic ambitions and the general unregeneracy, he enacts a substantial ethical subjectivity that cannot be subsumed by such a scheme.
The specific terms of Angelo's insistence that Isabella capitulate to "my sensual race," "my sharp appetite," "my will" corroborate his fleshly unregeneracy (2.4.159,160,163).
Nor is Weldon wholly convincing when she says Kenyon thinks erotic marital love leads to "male contamination and unregeneracy, which, in turn, lead to death." More encompassingly, she reads The Marble Faun as Hawthorne's uneasy "final exploration of the role of sacrifice in a patriarchal Christian culture" (121), his exploration of "the myths and rituals that the culture revises and puts into service" to subsume individuality to "collective experience" (129).