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1. Not relieved: unrelieved itching.
2. Continuous or unvarying: unrelieved gloom.

un′re·liev′ed·ly (-lē′vĭd-lē) adv.
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in an unrelieved manner
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Today Central Americans live with the highest homicide rates in the world, vicious gangs number in the tens of thousands of young men, unemployment is high and the Spanish-heritage "leadership" is almost unrelievedly corrupt and cruel.
While the actual Detroit rebellion may have been cathartic for some of its participants, Bigelow's movie about it is unrelievedly tragic.
For her part, Toni's character abridged her earthly existence after the death of her own dearly beloved, but the impact of her portrayal was less deep and affectingly pained, because it was generally too unrelievedly ditzy.
Increasingly it is governed by 'really high-stakes displays of literacy capabilities', causing learning to become 'comprehensively and unrelievedly' dependent on students' development of literacy capabilities to use and produce specialised texts to display their knowledge (Freebody, Chan, & Barton, 2013.
The most important consideration to remember is not what has transpired so far, as important as that is in shaping the media narrative which is unrelievedly hostile to Trump and protective of Clinton.
The massing and concept of the scheme is unrelievedly lumpen.
In the final essay of the volume, Julie Wilhelm turns to a consideration of "Comical Reflections and Delayed Affect in The House of the Seven Gables." Beginning with the observation that Hawthorne was highly concerned in his second and third novels with pleasing a public that had found The Scarlet Letter unrelievedly gloomy, Wilhelm posits an author who is conflicted about the sentimental mode he employs for precisely that purpose--a sentimentalism that, while appealing to mass readers, also "robs writers of precise control over their hands, creating a product that robs readers of precise control over their emotions and bodies." Through humor, Wilhelm further contends, Hawthorne strives to offset that sentimentalism and simultaneously evade the pressures of the marketplace.
be unrelievedly miserable, wracked by pain throughout its life.
But four out of 15 members of his working party have published a minority opinion arguing the recommendations "take an unrelievedly negative and therefore unbalanced view of regulation".
German claims that "the Er myth presents an almost unrelievedly grim scene." (39) His conclusion, "except (perhaps) for philosophers, ...
Haven't the leading stars of this hierarchy been galling our ears unrelievedly that they have on their backs the popular mandate of the people, among whom they have their roots deep and whose universal affection, respect and veneration they command?