1. Indifferent to religion; irreligious.
2. Not related to religion.
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1. (Theology) another word for irreligious
2. (Theology) secular
ˌunreˈligiously adv
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(ˌʌn rɪˈlɪdʒ əs)

2. having no connection with religion; nonreligious.
un`re•li′gious•ly, adv.
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Furthermore, the timing of the attack was unreligious as it coincided with the last days of the holy month of Ramadan when the Sudanese and protesters wanted to enjoy and celebrate the festival of breaking the fast: Eid al-Fitr.
Like all feelings, faith is non-cognitive by nature, but its specificity differentiates it from unreligious feelings and may even differentiate it from other religious feelings (religious hope, love, etc.).
It happens not because women are uncultured, characterless or unreligious, but because they are educated, aware and have a strong sense of self-esteem.
My father believed that dead animals are toxic to humans and eating them was unreligious.
Nigerians are dangerous givers, but the last time I checked, most of our people are still living below poverty line-both religious and unreligious ones.
(79) And clearly, free exercise does not just involve one's own dynamic participation in religious traditions and rituals or the active expression of one's religious tenets, but also judicial protection against psychic harm suffered by adherents because of the unreligious choices of third parties.
A largely observed pattern of criticism addressed to Shiha on social media relied on blaming her "unreligious" act.
Though some claim to be religious in the text, many are unreligious, such as Bayoumi and her pimp.
Is a person who has saved lives, but lived an unreligious life, bound for hell?
This is a rather shocking development in the novel as Moore seemed to be in his prime, having just successfully converted a sick child who had recently been paralyzed, turning her from the unreligious hoyden she was known to be, into the purest, patient, and kindest of young women.
That partially accounts for the tradition not showing early signs of dying down or being discarded on the grounds of being too old, uncultured, unreligious or simply irrelevant.
Addressing Khatm-e-Nubuwat Conference in the compound of a rice mills on Alipur road here Saturday, they said that the Tehreek would fight corrupt and secular politicians in the next general elections and would nominate candidates to wipe out unreligious and secular elements in the country.