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Adj.1.unrenewable - that can not be renewedunrenewable - that can not be renewed; "books on that shelf are unrenewable"; "gas and oil are nonrenewable resources"
renewable - that can be renewed or extended; "a renewable lease"; "renewable subscriptions"
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He also pointed out that reducing the dependence on unrenewable hydro carbonic resources is a priority for Qatar, noting the tireless efforts are being made to enhance the use of renewable energy.
The "centre-right" Pinera, whose allies comprise big and small business, professionals, conservative workers and farmers and the above-mentioned pinochetistas, faces a left-leaning majority in Congress which will influence the direction of his government for his current - and unrenewable - four-year term.
Peter Gatdet's supporters point out that the term of the chairperson is limited to six months and for one unrenewable mandate.
Supporters saidthe fund would grow over the years and offset not only volatility in the commodities' market but also long-term depletion of the unrenewable resource.<br />Fallin wrote in her veto message that the measure is well-intentioned but that rerouting that revenue using the mechanisms within the policy could have unintended consequences.<br />Lawmakers passed two bills because voters would have to approve the change to the constitution.
Many people are turning towards so called ' green technologies'' so that we may not become more dependent on unrenewable fossil fuels.
It determines term of assignment of a member of diplomatic mission by three years and it would be unrenewable for whatever considerations and that situations of members of diplomatic missions would be immediately streamlined in the light of this time limit.
At the end of the day, this unrenewable energy will depleted.
The co-combustion of OS and biomass/peat blends saves precious unrenewable resource for later use.
Meanwhile, from the [delta][sup.18]O-[delta][sup.2]H isotopic analysis result of the recharge sources of the confined groundwater, it has been established that the confined groundwater in Donghai is palaeowater which is unrenewable in short time.
While occasional spikes in accident rates might seem normal in any air force around the globe, Iran's problems are distinctive because it has a shrinking and unrenewable air fleet, lower-than-average flight hours, and massive budgetary disadvantages compared to the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)--a result of both international sanctions and shifting priorities at the highest levels of the regime leadership.
While Costa Rica supported the criteria whereby the Security Council must recommend more than one candidate, it would continue to promote the idea of changing the Secretary-General's mandate to one single unrenewable term of seven years.