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Adj.1.unrentable - not able or fit to be rentedunrentable - not able or fit to be rented; "the house was unrentable in that condition"
rentable - that is able or fit be rented
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Brian Beard, Anglesey Prove me wrong WITH reference to Knowsley Council seeking a developer to build more unrentable and unaffordable houses on the old sports stadium at Kirkby (Former stadium site set for housing, ECHO, June 29).
Right now, clients don't view them as cost-effective because they're unrentable or unusable space that has to be air conditioned.
"Whether an industrial, hotel, office, retail or housing development, such a gap can leave projects unsaleable, unrentable and unusable, especially in this region, where soaring summer temperatures can make life unbearable," says Lee Cox, managing director of Dubai headquartered Rental Solutions & Services (RSS).
As tenants seek smaller office suites, landlords are left with the challenge of carving up existing spaces and not ending up with unrentable space.
Check the Energy Performance Certificate rating in advance as new legislation will make some properties unrentable in 2016 onwards if they do not meet a minimum standard.
Your Homes Newcastle has sent a worst case scenario breakdown of how the cuts could hit Tyneside, underpinned by a clear warning that without a little help some homes will be unrentable.
And since buildings have to have elevators anyway, they give builders a way to provide for egress without building one of those annoyingly unrentable stairwells.
(117) The majority determined that there had been a de facto taking "inasmuch as the City's acts forced Clement to move from its property at that time, rendering the property not only unsalable but unrentable and yielding no income whatever." (118) The two dissenting appellate judges, on the other hand, argued that nothing in the record indicated that the state's actions deprived the owner of the substantial use and enjoyment of his property or that interference destroyed the essential elements of ownership.
As a result, tenants may depart, buildings may become unrentable and unprofitable, capital values may fall, and properties may become practically unmarketable.").
On July 4, 1999, a severe storm damaged the resort rendering four cabins unrentable for the rest of the summer.
But some brokers are leery of speaking ill of specific spaces -- what they name as a competitor's unrentable space today could become their own commission-draining albatross tomorrow.