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Having or exhibiting no remorse.

un′re·pent′ant·ly adv.
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in an unrepentant or impenitent manner
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Adv.1.unrepentantly - in an impenitent mannerunrepentantly - in an impenitent manner; "he repeated his position unrepentantly"
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Hence, the effective leader is unrepentantly committed to continuous self development.
Believe it or not, Ethic was unrepentantly compared to Sauti Sol.
A racist who unrepentantly uses a slur incurs the cost of social stigma; that he is willing to do so is evidence of his racist conviction.
Mr Speaker, Honorable Eric Opoku is misleading the house, and like what the Majority Leader indicated, that he said on a certain radio station, he wants to unrepentantly repeat it here again, this is a house of record and a house of fact, rely on the fact and argue.
"The conversations around how and why it was radical and how and why it was unrepentantly Black--when that's forgotten, it will seem safe."
I personally have to shake my head because when JPE guested in my former talk show with ANC, he unrepentantly confessed that it was "HE" who had my father arrested upon the declaration of Marcos Martial Law because he was "makulit" or annoying in relation to his many articles such as the Jabidah Massacre, Oplan Sagittarius, both major clandestine military operations that were exposed by Senator Ninoy Aquino.
If Ronald Koeman was handed the short straw when the fixture computer spat out an unrepentantly difficult start last year, the algorithm must have a soft spot for Silva.
Graham is an unrepentantly English name for an exquisitely English watch.
It calls them to account by destroying any city that has become unrepentantly corrupt.
His writing is not only experimental, but unrepentantly oblique.
"Fifteen months ago that kind of hatred took the life of my friend, and it is, frankly, staggering to now see the so-called leader of the free world unrepentantly pedalling and fuelling that very same hate.
She died in Florence, unrepentantly combative and eccentric, within hearing distance of the ringing bells of the Duomo.