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Adj.1.unrequested - not requestedunrequested - not requested; "the merchandise was unrequested"
requested - asked for; "the requested aid is forthcoming"
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The vast majority of threats hiding under these disguises were downloaders of various files: from annoying, yet not fatal adware or unrequested software, to highly dangerous money-stealing malware.
This week, we discuss the death of two sons of Aaron the High Priest, killed by divine fire for offering an unrequested 'strange fire' on the altar, and consider why the zealous worship of God can often lead to death of people
A Senate-House conference committee was working against the clock to hammer out a final version of the budget bill whose approval last year was delayed by a quarrel over pork and the addition of P75 billion in unrequested funds to the budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways.
Just how guessy is illustrated by Birmingham, who provided the GEO with mountains of unrequested and historic background data but no current workforce figures, and whose successive council leaders, back to Sir Albert Bore, had talked of council employment being reduced to 7,000 by 2018/19.
Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) reported that 68 procurement programs in this defense bill received $7.5 billion in new, unrequested spending, a large portion going to the Lockheed Corporation.
According to the WhatsApp log the girl sent Long two unrequested indecent photographs of herself at 4.55pm on the day in question - for the next nine minutes there was an exchange of messages with the defendant making a series of explicit comments about sex acts before the girl's mother apparently sent a message telling the defendant "in no uncertain terms" to stop messaging.
Some 59 per cent of women of all ages who have received an unrequested sexual photo were sent the picture via a text message or messaging app, such as WhatsApp.
As for the person receiving the unrequested help, they begin to question their own competency and feel a threat to their workplace autonomy," said Johnson.
For example, Congress's FY 2018 "Omnibus Bill", passed in March 2018, appropriated $600 million in unrequested funding to procure two Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites to bolster the US military's satellite communications capabilities.
Expect any clumsy crumbs to be cleared away with a small silver palette knife, your water glass topped up unrequested and your waiter on hand at any given moment.
A number of well -known people who read the post actually confirmed that they too have received unrequested credit cards that ended up being a bother for them.