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Noun1.unrespectability - dishonorableness by virtue of lacking respectability or a good reputationunrespectability - dishonorableness by virtue of lacking respectability or a good reputation
dishonorableness, dishonourableness - the quality of not deserving honor or respect
reputability, respectability - honorableness by virtue of being respectable and having a good reputation
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Dieudonne, a 42-year-old who goes only by one name, sparked outrage when he had an actor dressed as a Jewish deportee present the prize for "unrespectability and insolence" to Robert Faurisson, an academic who has denied the existence of the Holocaust.
In December last year, Dieudonne was again embroiled in a furore when he awarded holocaust denier Robert Faurisson a prize for "unrespectability and insolence" - handed over by a stage hand dressed as a death camp inmate.
Indeed, illegitimacy could mean instant unrespectability; those with hopes for respectable status, therefore, would not mix with such children.