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Adj.1.unrestrictive - not tending to restrict
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"
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This makes it more humane in nature and restricts it from following the unrestrictive violent path of instinct.
"The call for participation is quite open and unrestrictive; we, therefore, expect to receive people from various backgrounds, with different degrees of vocal and musical proficiency.
Dissemination was unrestrictive and uncritical while transformation was total and redemptive and both were passionately desired by the people of the subcontinent.
Hopefully with our numerous unrestrictive services we can relieve some of this pressure by caring for the pet in need."
In accordance with the current research (and Louisiana state law), the matrix attempts to be as unrestrictive as possible for those with low risk of future violence and delinquency, while reserving the most restrictive placements for those who will likely cause further harm to themselves or to society.
The income earned from the endowment fund has either restrictive or unrestrictive nature (WYCAS, n.d.; Pacesila, 2016).
The dealer processes background checks and necessary paperwork.) The top internet sales employee at the time of the study, while blind to the study's hypothesis, responded to the question, "How restrictive are the gun sale laws in each state?" The employee provided ratings of each state on a 10-point scale, with 1=Very unrestrictive, and 10=Very restrictive.
(7) For example the comparatively unrestrictive East Midlands region in their Regional Spatial Strategy argued: 'The annual average housing provision reflects a number of factors...
[2] Nevertheless, SA is one of only five African countries (along with Cape Verde, Mozambique, Tunisia and Zambia) that currently provide women with unrestrictive abortion services, within gestational limitations.
For example, while China has one of the most unrestrictive stem cell policies, the UK presents one of the most complete regulations.
The Chamber of Digital Commerce, a Washington-based trade group, endorses an unrestrictive approach in which digital currency transactions are treated like any other.