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Adj.1.unretrievable - impossible to recover or recoup or overcomeunretrievable - impossible to recover or recoup or overcome; "an irretrievable loss"; "irretrievable errors in judgment"
irrecoverable, unrecoverable - incapable of being recovered or regained
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He was a little more spectacular with his between-the-legs returns and dives for balls that seemed unretrievable.
I had a phone with me but I fell from such a height into the water it was unretrievable.
39% depths of a seemingly unretrievable situation - will surely have influenced the thoughts of many.
They will now be dispersed, scattered, unknown, and unretrievable, lost in the wind.
One catch, though -- whatever's cloaked is unretrievable. But future designs could lead to more-secure fiber-optic communications.
Its poetic importance comes from the fact that it symbolically brought the clocks back to zero, creating a timeline between the unretrievable past, and the present/future, which has yet to be figured.
In the context of this nostalgia culture, which locks possible futures safely in an unretrievable past, the always-slippery relationship between "art" and "revolution" feels more vexed than ever, and in need, once again, of reconceptualization--particularly since two once-dominant narratives of this relationship are now thoroughly discredited.
However, local and national information for a vast majority of countries and parliaments, is unretrievable, or at least difficult to retrieve, because indexes are lacking, as, in some instances, are complete collections of newspapers and major series of government or parliamentary publications.