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tr.v. un·rigged, un·rig·ging, un·rigs Nautical
To strip (a vessel) of rigging.
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Adj.1.unrigged - stripped of rigging
sailing, seafaring, navigation - the work of a sailor
rigged - fitted or equipped with necessary rigging (sails and shrouds and stays etc)
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As she drew nigh, all eyes were fixed upon her broad beams, called shears, which, in some whaling-ships, cross the quarter-deck at the height of eight or nine feet; serving to carry the spare, unrigged, or disabled boats.
Factory-outfitted with a weighted worm hook (Dartspins are sold rigged for $6.99 single; unrigged for $6.99 pair), the lure swims attractively, with the spinner beating like a fish tail on a steady retrieve.
We had unrigged democracy until 1951, then bureaucratic oligarchy until 1958, and then a presidential system until 1969.
They should also be equipped with a range of large unrigged Scandinavian-style soft-plastic swimbaits that incorporate interchangeable weighted heads and lift-off hook rigging systems.
We quickly washed all boats and unrigged all sails and spars.
For the first time in history, the EU must confront the prospect of a member state that is a non-democracy, in the fundamental sense of lacking free, unrigged elections.
A special feature of SOLIDCast[TM] is the Riser Design Wizard[TM], which uses simulation results from an unrigged casting to help design an adequate feeding system.
Others, the salt-rimed cloth unrigged and laid on land, repair the jib and mainsail.
The people of Kashmir urge the UN that they would be allowed to decide their future through an unrigged and uncoerced vote under impartial auspices."
He wondered, when it came to paying off the holders of inflation-linked bonds, whether the Argentine government unrigged the official numbers.
The elections were fair in terms of procedural integrity, with results truly reflecting unrigged votes.
A necessary-- though not sufficient--condition for forestalling it is the restoration of capitalism, in which labor and capital are paid their marginal products in unrigged markets.