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Noun1.unrighteousness - failure to adhere to moral principles; "forgave us our sins and cleansed us of all unrighteousness"
sin, sinfulness, wickedness - estrangement from god
impiety, impiousness - unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god
immorality - the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct; "the immorality of basing the defense of the West on the threat of mutual assured destruction"
unjustness, injustice - the practice of being unjust or unfair
dishonorableness, dishonourableness - the quality of not deserving honor or respect
dishonor, dishonour - lacking honor or integrity
dishonesty - the quality of being dishonest
righteousness - adhering to moral principles
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References in classic literature ?
"Your worship is pleased to be jocular," answered the parson; "but I do not only animadvert on the sinfulness of the action--though that surely is to be greatly deprecated--but I fear his unrighteousness may injure him with Mr Allworthy.
I know for myself that I was shocked into admiration of the boy, and I saw in him the splendid invincibleness of immortality rising above the flesh and the fears of the flesh, as in the prophets of old, to condemn unrighteousness.
Without human propensity to murder and other sorts of unrighteousness there would have been no historical heroism.
And others are proud of their modicum of righteousness, and for the sake of it do violence to all things: so that the world is drowned in their unrighteousness.
As I thought upon my misfortune, I considered more clearly than ever before the unrighteousness of the regulation which was to prove my doom, and in the natural revolt against its injustice my anger rose, and there mounted within me a feeling which I imagine must have paralleled that spirit that once was prevalent among the ancients called anarchy.
For the penalty of unrighteousness is swifter than death; that penalty has already overtaken his accusers as death will soon overtake him.
It might be that there was a leaven of this unrighteousness still re- maining.
``Ay!'' added Prince John, without heeding him, ``and there is my Mammon of unrighteousness too the Marquis of Marks, the Baron of Byzants, contesting for place with penniless dogs, whose threadbare cloaks have not a single cross in their pouches to keep the devil from dancing there.
So Rebecca, during her stay at Queen's Crawley, made as many friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness as she could possibly bring under control.
He is like one who, in the storm of dust and sleet which the driving wind hurries along, retires under the shelter of a wall; and seeing the rest of mankind full of wickedness, he is content, if only he can live his own life and be pure from evil or unrighteousness, and depart in peace and good-will, with bright hopes.
Addressing the concluding session of 1st Judicial Conference here, he said if the foundation of the society was laid on the basis of honesty, dutifulness and unrighteousness, justice would be dispensed at all level.
Addressing the concluding session of first judicial conference in the State's metropolis late Saturday, he said if the foundation of the society was laid on the basis of honesty, dutifulness and unrighteousness, justice would be dispensed at all level.