tr.v. un·round·ed, un·round·ing, un·rounds
To pronounce (a sound) with the lips in a flattened or neutral position.
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not round
vb (tr)
(Linguistics) to release (lips) from a rounded position, esp in pronunciation
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1. to articulate (an ordinarily rounded vowel) without rounding the lips.
2. to extend (the lips) laterally in a spread or neutral position.
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Three runners-up were recognized: Bredero Shaw for the Thermolite ULTRA Subsea Insulation System, CRC-Evans Pipeline International for its High Unround Line-Pipe Corrector Series: Internal Welding Machines and Copper Back-Up Clamps and New Generation Welding & Inspection Systems; and SPIECAPAG and Laurini Officine Meccaniche (jointly) for their Swamp Muletrax, Ultimate Multi-Purpose Tractor for Remote Swampy Areas.
In addition to external, face and internal grinding, the use of two internal grinding spindles--infinitely variable belt-driven with 2.5kW motor and a high-frequency variation--or the option of thread grinding or unround grinding are now increasingly in demand.
["inalterable"] ["Can't be defined."] unround [a round word phonetically (lips rounded in pronunciation) + all letters rounded (cf.
Completed in only twelve months, it is now possible to fit rectangle, unround and oval packaging concepts with K3-technology.
The sounds of the wailing whistle, the click-clack of the slightly unround wheels on the uneven track and the throb of the old 4-4-2 engine as it labored up the Millerville grade etched themselves into my memory.
The random introduction of characters contributes to the apparently ramshackle surface structure of the novel, demanding that the reader participate in creating some order out of this unround comic vision.
The options range from unround, round, pre- and finish grinding, cam grinding, concave geometries, face, and lead-free grinding.
low central unround vowel lacking distinctive length), and do not have lengthening and raising of [ae].
(4) Compared with same period of preceding year; all percentages are calculated unrounded totals.
Percentage change in population is calculated based on the unrounded population.
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