tr.v. un·round·ed, un·round·ing, un·rounds
To pronounce (a sound) with the lips in a flattened or neutral position.


not round
vb (tr)
(Linguistics) to release (lips) from a rounded position, esp in pronunciation



1. to articulate (an ordinarily rounded vowel) without rounding the lips.
2. to extend (the lips) laterally in a spread or neutral position.
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Three runners-up were recognized: Bredero Shaw for the Thermolite ULTRA Subsea Insulation System, CRC-Evans Pipeline International for its High Unround Line-Pipe Corrector Series: Internal Welding Machines and Copper Back-Up Clamps and New Generation Welding & Inspection Systems; and SPIECAPAG and Laurini Officine Meccaniche (jointly) for their Swamp Muletrax, Ultimate Multi-Purpose Tractor for Remote Swampy Areas.
5kW motor and a high-frequency variation--or the option of thread grinding or unround grinding are now increasingly in demand.
The option of interpolating the X- and the C-axis makes it possible to use the cylindrical grinding machine for unround shapes, such as polygons, free contours and eccentric forms.
unround [a round word phonetically (lips rounded in pronunciation) + all letters rounded (cf.
Completed in only twelve months, it is now possible to fit rectangle, unround and oval packaging concepts with K3-technology.
The sounds of the wailing whistle, the click-clack of the slightly unround wheels on the uneven track and the throb of the old 4-4-2 engine as it labored up the Millerville grade etched themselves into my memory.
low central unround vowel lacking distinctive length), and do not have lengthening and raising of [ae].
In BOOT it has a diphthong which may be written IW, in PUT a high central unround vowel I, in BOAT and FOUR a diphthong [LAMBDA]W, and COT and CAUGHT are merged to A, the vowel of FATHER, CALM, POT, HOT, LAW.
The options range from unround, round, pre- and finish grinding, cam grinding, concave geometries, face, and lead-free grinding.