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tr.v. un·round·ed, un·round·ing, un·rounds
To pronounce (a sound) with the lips in a flattened or neutral position.


(Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics articulated with the lips spread; not rounded


(ʌnˈraʊn dɪd)

(of a vowel) pronounced without rounding the lips, as the vowel of bit.


adj (Phon) → ungerundet
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4) Compared with same period of preceding year; all percentages are calculated using unrounded totals, (5) Includes all 50 States.
Rounded and unrounded cutoff values >LoD, up to and including 14 ng/L all had sensitivities <97% for MACE (Fig.
Lip position (rounded, unrounded, spread lips) can not be directly illustrated in this space, but lip position is connected to the idea of a vowel being perceived as darker or brighter, and a rounded vowel will be located more to the right in the vowel space than an unrounded equivalent, as vowel qualities are darker the further back in the space they are located.
2016 results for each category are rounded to the nearest percentage; the year-over-year change column is calculated based on unrounded actual results.
All percentages have been calculated using unrounded amounts.
This exchange ratio was based on the relative net asset values, on an unrounded basis, of Energy Indexplus and Global Infrastructure Fund as at the close of trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on 16 June.
Possibly, there's some deeper meaning about families, or the relationship between fathers and daughters, or the ghosts of our past catching up with us, but the characters are so cliched and unrounded that you don't really care.
Caption: NOTE: Countries and regions are listed in descending order determined by their unrounded average scores.
Since grammars describe and show Mari vowels as either rounded or unrounded, it is important to establish the criteria for roundedness, while at the same time determining the acoustic parameters related to this feature, in this case in SMM.
CAPITAL I / Realized as a centralized, front, half-close unrounded vowel in RP e.
Developers will also be to give different prices for their apps in different currencies, and so avoid the rough, unrounded numbers common with currency conversions.
Pakitan Cereal Production 2005-2009 average 2009 2010 forecast change 2010/2009 000 tones percent Wheat 22234 24030 23860 -1 Rice (Paddy) 9067 10106 7500 -26 Maize 3311 3204 3313 -3 Others 522 402 451 6 Total 35135 37832 35134 -7 Note: Percentage change calculated from unrounded data Total Cereal Imports 2004/05-2008/09 1420 2008/09 3047 2009/10 estimate 253 Notes: Total cereal includes rice milled terms.