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Adj.1.unsalable - impossible to sell
salable, saleable - capable of being sold; fit for sale; "saleable at a low price"
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Briskness, alertness, and cheerfulness of appearance, especially before observers, are constantly enforced upon them, both by the hope of thereby getting a good master, and the fear of all that the driver may bring upon them if they prove unsalable.
When every country stands with an unconsumed and unsalable surplus on its hands, the capitalist system will break down under the terrific structure of profits that it itself has reared.
Myth #9: Quality standards are too costly to monitor and enforce - If a company closes 98 percent of its loans properly that sounds like a pretty good percentage, but for a mortgage banker who expects to sell everything produced, holding 2 percent of unsalable loans may be a problem.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers who were surveyed note that about 1.5% of the dollar value of all the merchandise they sell is returned; of that, 75% is considered unsalable and has to be destroyed.
About 5% of the bakery's output is unsalable and is donated to local charities.
But in 1987, unsalable, below-market mortgages contributed to a $46 million loss at Norwest Corporation, the bank holding company parent.
- Manufacturers and drug wholesalers have taken steps to meet environmental concerns about the disposal of unsalable products and related waste.
Compost material can include such food waste as produce trim and unsalable product, day-old baked goods, non-fat deli waste and non-recyclable food waste, Brown says.
The absence of real estate owned and unsalable mortgage products serve as indications that the mortgage banker is generating quality loans.
CDR Roundup--Handling unsalable products through reclamation centers is a matter of shared responsibility among retailers and wholesalers, concludes a joint industry task force that has studied the issue over the past 18 months.
(3) A Reprocess Report--Each morning, unsalable packages are removed from the case, scanned and returned to the backroom for reprocessing.
Some topics to be considered currently are: case packs, new product introductions, unsalable merchandise policies, shelf planograms, in-store merchandising trends, and the like.