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Adj.1.unsanded - used of wood and furnitureunsanded - used of wood and furniture; "raw wood"
unfinished - not brought to the desired final state
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Results showed that there was no measurable statistical difference in the radar tag retention between unsanded (87%) and sanded (100%) R.
is week, after four months of splinters from unsanded bare oorboards we nally got a tiled bathroom oor.
Where should you use sanded grout instead of unsanded?
They called it a "raw opening," which, given the still-rugged state of the sheetrock, the stained, unsanded floors, and the fresh new front door, was an appropriate appellation for the debut of Momenta Art's new space at 56 Bogart Street.
You can have your wood plain and unvarnished or lacquered with high shine, polished to perfection or stripped back and unsanded, or you can create 'colour' schemes by mixing and matching types of wood.
The results showed that plywood panels made from sanded veneer sheets had higher shear strength than those of unsanded samples (Aydin 2004).
it, treading water, reaching out to touch the unsanded hull, throat raw
Halo is a hazy area of the coating that usually forms around the edges of the unsanded buffed area.
Leave the fourth coat unsanded, but let it dry completely before allowing foot traffic.